Beanster's Café


Do not let our name fool you, Beanster’s Café is much more than a coffeeshop! In fact, you could say that we’re a great café that also serves wonderful coffee and tea drinks. Searching for a tasty sandwich with homemade potato chips to go with your steaming hot Café Latte? Look no further. Beanster’s Café is here to provide you with delicious sandwiches, salads, hot beverages, and more made using the freshest local and unique ingredients. Check out our complete menus at the links above.

And don't forget that both locations accept Blue Bucks!

General Information

About Us

Beanster’s Café is located in two convenient spots on campus- in the Michigan League on Central Campus and in Pierpoint Commons on North Campus. Both locations offer a variety of delicious food and drink options and each has its own distinctive vibe.

Michigan League Beanster’s is a warm and comfy place to hang out on Central Campus. Whether you have some reading to catch up on or some free time to lounge with friends between classes, the Michigan League Beanster’s is the perfect place.There's plenty of seating for even your study group or student organization to meet, and have a great snack at the same time!

Pierpont Commons Beanster’s offers not only a great variety of sandwiches, salads, baked goods and more, but also convenient computer stations for browsing your e-mail or completing last minute course work on North Campus.