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The Buildings of University Unions

University Unions

Study and Relax

The Michigan League provides a variety of outlets to satisfy the many needs of our students. While the Reflection Room and League Garden offer serene surroundings to help you slow down, meditate, and reconnect with your inner self, the Cyber Lounge's computer games will transport you to another world. For a cultural experience, check out our Café Exhibits.


    Artistic expression has always been part of the Michigan League's history. To continue this tradition, we display student artwork in our galleries to connect the past and present. Please visit us on the first floor of the League in Beanster's Café.


    The Michigan League Garden is open daily and can be used as an entrance to the League. The beauty of the Garden, particularly during spring through early fall, draws members from both the professional an academic community. The Garden provides an enjoyable place to lunch and relax, and is often used for weddings and other special events.

    Ornamental trees and a variety flowering shrubs surround the magnificent garden, and the entrance gate at the northeast corner of the courtyard is covered with Wisteria vine, trailing across the top and down the side of the entrance. Two magnificent sculptural pieces are located at the east side of the garden: The Water Nymph Fountain, at the southeast corner, was designed by Gerald Mast and executed by Clivia Calder in the 1930s. At the northeast corner of the gardenwall, near the gate, is a bronze sculpture entitled Rampant Unicorn.

    Maintaining the courtyard is a year round activity that the Friends of the League Garden Committee, the League Operations Staff, and the University of Michigan Grounds Department have graciously taken on.


    The Reflection Room, located in Room 347, is available daily from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. for students and other memebers of the university community to meditate and otherwise spend time in quiet reflection. It is furnished simply by the Michigan League with the assistance of the Association of Religious Counselors, representing religious and spiritual communities that serve the students, faculty and staff of the University.


    The Cyber Lounge is a cool place to play your favorite computer games catch up on communications.. It has six e-mail stations and eighteen computer stations for working on homework and Internet access with comfortable chairs and a cozy atmosphere. The computers have ben updated with new software and printers to service your academic needs.

    Please note that the Cyber Lounge is an unstaffed site. If the site is in need of maintenance, call 64-SITES (Option #1) to report the problem, and a staff member of the Sites Environment Support Team will be sent to troubleshoot the problem. Location: Michigan League Underground.
    Hours: daily 7:15am - 11pm

    In addition to several eateries and the Cyber Cafe, the Underground is the scene for several Center for Campus Involvement events including Michigan Idol and other performances. For a calendar of events go to the the Center's website.