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Student Organization Events

Student Organization Events - Facility Use Information

Following is information on using campus spaces for your student organization's needs.

Planning Events in the University Unions

Planning An Event

Our highly skilled staff are available to help you plan your events. Whether you need to have a student organization meeting or bring a major conference to campus, our experienced, customer-service focused staff can offer suggestions to make your event a success. Stop in at Room 1310 on the first floor or call us at 734-764-8837

Student Event Planning Information

The University Unions encourages opportunities for students to meet, celebrate their cultural heritage and traditions, raise funds, or merely relax and enjoy themselves. We at the University take a profound interest in promoting all of these activities and in assuring that all members of the University of Michigan community and their guest feel welcome and safe at such events.

The following guide is intended to explain the policies of the University Unions and the procedures for using its facilities.

General Guide to Using University Unions Facilities
To request the use of any University Union room or service, come to Event Services. This office will serve most of your needs and can offer answers to many questions relating to your event.

  1. Make arrangements for setup of room and audio/visual equipment.
  2. Make arrangements for any necessary food service.

If you must cancel, let Event Services know as soon as possible. One week prior notice is required for all rooms except the Ballroom, Pendleton, Vandenburg, Hussey, University Club, which require 90 calendar days notice.

Scheduling Rooms
All student groups registered with the Central Student Government (CSG) & Student Organization Account Services (SOAS) as voluntary or sponsored student organizations, can schedule rooms in the Unions. If you are not a registered student group you can talk to the assembly regarding registration in Rm. 3909, Michigan Union or call Event Services at (734) 764-8837.

Only SOAS authorized signers designated by the organization to make financial commitments and withdraw funds from their accounts can make scheduling arrangements.

Money must be deposited to cover the event's expenses with the Student Organization Accounts Service, and the student group's account number must be included on all scheduling forms.

Safety and Security
Fire and safety regulations determine the number of individuals who may attend any specific event. The maximum number of participants depends upon the size of the room, the number of exits, and the room's specific configuration for the event. Tables, chairs, risers, and similar items reduce a room's capacity.

Admittance-Michigan Union
A primary goal of the Michigan Union is to provide a stimulating and diversified array of services and activities to members of the University community. As part of the effort, we continually assess our ability to insure that the Union environment is as safe and secure as possible. To help achieve these objectives, we have initiated the following procedure for access to the Union:

  1. UM students, faculty, staff and alumni must show valid University of Michigan I.D.   Alumni and University guests     must be appropriately identified
  2. UM students, faculty, staff and alumni may bring 2 escorted guests.
  3. Guests will be required to show a valid picture I.D. and sign the guest register.

This procedure is required for access on Friday and Saturday nights after 9:30 PM during Fall and Winter term.

Food and Alcohol Policy
If you plan to have food and beverages served at your gathering, it must be provided by Michigan Union Food Services. Arrangements must be confirmed 2 weeks prior to the event. If alcohol is going to be served at your gathering, the following will apply:

  • You must be 21 or older to be served.
  • You can only purchase one drink at a time. (i.e., you may not buy a drink for another guest.)
  • When alcohol is served, anyone under 17 years of age must be escorted by a parent or legal guardian.
  • When alcohol is served, food of a substantial nature must be provided.
  • Only cash bars are available at student dances/parties or events.

Decorations, Exhibits and Displays
Decorations, exhibits, and displays can play an important part in any gathering. They can turn your "typical" event into something extra special. Though students are welcome to set up decorations, exhibits, and displays for their gatherings, there are a few guidelines to follow.

  • The method of placing decorations, exhibits, and displays in the University Unions must be approved by Event Services.
  • Doorways, hallways, corridors, staircase and fire exits cannot be blocked or obstructed.
  • A group may not attach anything to ceilings, walls, floors, wood-work, draperies, windows or any painted or papered surface.
  • Light bulbs may not be placed where the heat from the bulbs might create a fire hazard. "Special Effects" equipment, such as smoke, fog and fire machines are not permitted in the Union.
  • Signs, banners, and displays made with flammable materials may be used only where no danger of fire exists, as determined by Event Services.
  • Groups utilizing decorations, exhibits or displays must arrange their own labor.
  • Candles must be enclosed in glass to prevent a fire hazard.
  • Confetti, rice, dance wax and similar materials may not be used in the University Unions.
  • The University Unions are not responsible for loss of any materials such as displays, gifts, favors or other items left in the building. Unfortunately, the Unions do not have space to store these items. Consequently, decorations, exhibits and displays must be removed immediately following the event.

Here are some suggestions for dressing up your occasion!

  • Balloon bouquets and arches
  • Potted Floor Plants
  • Flower Arrangements
  • Use of existing hooks to hang banners and streamers
  • Use of pipe and drape for suspending banners or decorations
  • Audio Visual Effects
  • Fountains

Checklist for Scheduling Events:

  1. Is your student organization registered with CSG or SOAS?
  2. Does your organization have enough funds deposited in SOAS?
  3. Are you an authorized signer for the accounts?
  4. Date and time of the event itself?
  5. Time the room must be accessed?
  6. How many people are expected to attend?
  7. What arrangement and number of tables and chairs?
  8. Are the decorations and posting guidelines understood?
  9. Any food or beverage service needs?
  10. Is there a clear understanding of food and alcohol policies?
  11. Any additional needs such as cloth and skirting, A/V equipment, easels, etc.?

Who to Call

University Unions Event Services
(Michigan League, Michigan Union, Pierpont Commons)

Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM

Center for Campus Involvement (the Center)
2205 Michigan Union
734-763-5900 Fax: 734-763-5902

and Room 4303 Michigan Union

Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)
4015 Michigan Union

Student Organization Accounts Service (SOAS)
2400 Michigan Union

Michigan Union Ticket Office (MUTO)
Ground Floor Michigan Union
734-763-TKTS (8587)

Palmer Commons
100 Washtenaw Ave

The Student Building Manager is available after 5 PM weekdays and all day on weekends and can be contacted through the Campus Information Center at 734-763-INFO (4636).