Billiards & Games Room

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Please see below for the hourly rates (these rates do not apply to the Diamond professional tables):

                       Before 6pm                 After 6pm

1 Player           $3.00                           $4.00

2 Players         $4.50                           $6.00

3+ Players       $6.00                           $8.00

Work at the Billiards Room

Employment Opportunities

The Billiards & Games Room employs 10-12 work-study students, 12 months a year. During the academic year, work-study is required; during the spring and summer, this rule is relaxed (but please do let us know if you have been awarded work-study).

Note for Fall:  the Billiards & Games Room is open on Football Saturdays.  If you express interest in working any of the Saturday daytime shifts, you must be prepared to miss games.  If you have football tickets, it is probably unwise to choose those shifts.

Hourly Rates

The following rates are for pool, billiards, snooker, and Xbox video game stations for student organizations and departments/colleges of the University of Michigan:


Active people in the billiards room.

XBOX 360 and Wii Gaming Area

The Billiards and Games Room now offers a comfortable XBOX 360 and Wii Gaming Area with 6 XBOX 360 consoles and 2 Wii consoles, each equipped with an individual flat-screen monitor and a comfortable gaming chair. The XBOX 360 consoles, as well as those of the Wii, are connected through a network for multiplayer game play.

Fun Facts


Just like many other places on campus, the Billiards & Games Room is rich with history, having been a part of campus life since the early 1900's.