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The annual Poker Tournament of Champions was held on Saturday, April 20.  Twenty of the 26 players who qualified by participating in weekly tournaments throughout the year opted to play in the TOC.


  • 8th place   Zach Garner
  • 7th place   Nitesh Alve
  • 6th place   Nolan Christensen
  • 5th place   Emmett Hammer
  • 4th place   Jamie Sookprasong
  • 3rd place   Andrew O'Hara
  • 2nd place   Neil Matthews
  • 1st place   Shirin Yusubov

Congratulations also to Brandon D'Arcangelo, who did not finish in the top 8 of the TOC but had the highest season cumulative points.  Brandon's  and Shirin's names will both go on commemorative plaques at the Michigan Union Billiards Room.