Billiards & Games Room

Double elimination bracket, race to 5.  The finals will be a single race to 7.  Pairings will be randomly drawn into separate halves of the chart (hence, they will not face each other until at least a few rounds into the tournament).

Except where noted below, BCA 9-ball rules will be observed.



  • Each pairing gets one time out per game, limited to one minute.
  • Players should use the rest room and take care of any personal matters before the match begins.  This is only a race to 5 and should take no longer than 60 minutes.  There will be no bathroom or personal time outs, except in the finals.  As it is a race to 9, each team will be allowed a 5-minute bathroom break.  They must take that break between games.
  • The player calls his time out.  A coach or teammate may ask "Do you want a time out?" but the shooter may choose to refuse it.  
  • The player may consult a coach, advisor, or a different member of the team (provided that players are not involved in their own matches), but may only consult one person per time-out. Both partners can discuss the shot with their chosen coach.
  • It is acceptable for a player to consult one person for his first time-out, but consult a different person for his next time-out.
  • It is acceptable for partners to discuss the game in play while they are not shooting, but at a volume and in a manner that does not distract the opposing team.  Players must stop talking and cease all movement when the opposing team's shooter addresses the ball.



If one or both members of a team are not at the table, warmed up and ready to play within 15 minutes of the posted/announced start time, they will forfeit the entire match.



  • If the player opts to push out after the break, and the opponent "gives it back" to him, the original person who pushed out will shoot (not his partner).
  • If a player opts to push out after the break, the opposing team may consult each other for 30 seconds and decide collectively whether to shoot or give it back.


The Break

  • The break will alternate between teams.
  • Pairings will always alternate shots; however, you get a clean slate between games.  Either partner can break.
  • If the shooter miscues on the break, and the cue ball goes past the headstring but does not contact the rack, the opponent earns the break.
  • Impeding the cue ball from contacting the rack is a foul, and the opponent earns the break. In either case, the original breaker is on one foul.

Substitutions can be made mid-match but not mid-game. Once a player is taken out, he cannot return in that match.