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What is ACUI?

ACUI stands for Association of College Unions International. It is a professional organization that provides services, programs, and activities for students enrolled at colleges and universities nationwide. It also serves as a network for college professionals to share ideas and resources for campus programming. The annual Recreation tournament is one of the many student-focused programs sponsored by ACUI every year. Learn more about ACUI at

University of Michigan Campus Championships

Information for University of Michigan students

What are the events?

  • Intercollegiate 9-Ball (pool)
  • Intercollegiate Table Tennis

When is the qualifying season for ACUI 9-ball and Table Tennis?

The qualifying season for 9-ball starts in October and goes through April.  The Championships are usually held in May or June.

The qualifying season for Table Tennis is generally February; the Championships are held at the same time as NCTTA Nationals.


What happens if I win an invitation to Nationals?

If you are skilled and lucky enough (hey, there's always a little bit of luck in any competition!) to win a qualifier, the Recreation supervisor will work with you on logistics and funding to get to Nationals.  There will be some out-of-pocket expense.  The amount of financial support depends greatly on the location.

1st- and 2nd-place finishers in all events will receive regional and local recognition, a gold/silver medal, and occasionally other prizes. Plus, the qualifying tournaments are loads of fun, hanging out and competing with students from other schools in our area.


How much will this cost?

If you plan ahead, it could be as cheap as GAS MONEY!

The Billiards Room advises clubs and weekly tournaments for all of the above events. Each event has a slightly different process for qualifying for regionals:

You may join as many clubs and play in as many tournaments as you wish; however, you may not be able to play in all of those events at regionals, since some of them take place at the same time.

What do I need to do RIGHT NOW?

Become involved in the recreation clubs and programs! There are clubs for Billiards and Table Tennis. There are also weekly / monthly programs (tournaments) for Pool, for which it is not necessary to be a member of the Billiards Club. To get on any one of these lists, find the contact information on the Billiards main page. These events are for currently enrolled U of M students only.

ACUI Qualifying Events:

Event Divisions Location Rules/format Eligibility
9-Ball M/W singles Michigan Union Billiards & Games Room Multiple qualifying tournaments, approximately 1 per month. See U of M Tournament of Champions Series. Free.
Table Tennis M/W singles The Coliseum,
Hill & Division
Email for qualification system. Membership dues required.