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Membership Information:

The University of Michigan Billiards Club is a sponsored student organization, open to all U of M students, staff, faculty, and alumni. You may join the club anytime between the mass meeting (early September) and the last meeting of the school year (late April), but membership discounts are only good from September through December (Fall) and January through April (Winter). 

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Membership Dues:

  • Students: $20 per semester / $35 per academic year
  • One-day membership: $5  (cannot be applied toward a full semester or year membership)

Membership Benefits:

  • 33% off pool and other games (not valid when there is a wait list)
  • Free Cuetec cue rental
  • 25% off cue locker rental
  • 15% off most merchandise
  • "Michigan Billiards" short-sleeve t-shirts for $10.00 (regular price $12.50)
  • "Michigan Billiards" long-sleeve t-shirts for $15.00 (regular price $18.00)
  • 2 hours of free pool every week (during scheduled club meetings from September through April)

Membership Requirements:

Membership in the Billiards Club is not to be used solely as a means of getting a discount on pool. It is a social club, and all members must attend at least one of every 3 club events.

Club Events:

The Billiards Club meets every week for tournaments, lessons, and videos. The winners of weekly club tournaments win a week of free pool in the Billiards Room or other prizes. Competitive club members are also encouraged to participate in intercollegiate tournament opportunities provided by the Billiards Room and the Association of College Unions International (ACUI). More information below.

Intercollegiate Opportunities:

Try-outs are held in mid-fall for the University of Michigan Team Pool Championships (UMTPC) team. The UMTPC is an intercollegiate team event, hosted here at U of M, comprised of about 16 teams from schools in more than a half-dozen states, plus Canada. For more information about the UMTPC, please see the UMTPC page. Membership in the Billiards Club is required to vie for a spot on the UMTPC team.

The best players from our campus represent The University of Michigan at the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) intercollegiate tournaments, which take place throughout the academic year but are concentrated in February and March.  Winners of these sectional and independent qualifying tournament earn an invitation to the ACUI (national) Championships, where the winners receive up to $1,000 in scholarship money.  It is not necessary to be a member of the Billiards Club to compete for ACUi opportunities, but competing regularly with the other best players on campus is highly beneficial to anyone wishing to compete on a regional and national level.