Billiards & Games Room

Private Lessons

Several local semi-professional players are available for private, individual or group lessons at any level of play. Additionally, the top players in the University of Michigan Billiards Club offer private lessons for beginners.  They do this as a fundraiser fo for the club to be able to compete in regional and national intercollegiate tournaments.  

Please contact individual instructor for hourly rates and terms. If you meet an instructor at the Michigan Union Billiards & Games Room, their table time is free. You pay only for your hourly rate (and other players, if group lessons).

Billiards Club student instructors for beginners:

  • Email
  • Lessons are $20 per hour for general public, $10 per hour for current Billiards Club members.

Advanced instructors recommended by the Billiards Room (rates range from $30 to $50 per hour):