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2nd place Yulong, 1st place Shan, 3rd place Sidd

Fifteen players participated in the 8th annual University of Michigan Campus Tournament of Champions on Saturday, March 28.  Those players earned invitations by participating in a series of 8 events throughout the academic year.

Four players were seeded, having performed the best at the qualifying events:

Walter T

Shan H

Dennis X

Greg W

But at the last minute, #3 seed Dennis was unable to participate, so Greg bumped up to the #3 seed and the fourth seed was awarded to Tom S.

The winner was Shan H, who was undefeated in his journey toward the hot seat.   Meanwhile, another top seeded player, Walter T, lost his first match and battled through 6 matches on the one-loss side, to lose to Yulong Y, taking 4th place.  Newcomer Sidd T performed solidly all day, facing Shan in the hot seat finals, then falling to Yulong and taking 3rd place.

Shan had lots of time to relax during the tournament, thanks to a first-round bye (the only one in the tournament) and smooth sailing on the winners' side.  Nonetheless, after a several-hour break before the finals, he hadn't lost his steam, defeating Yulong 5-2 in a single set.

Congratulations to all players!  For more information about the format of the TOC, or to find out about how you can become involved for the 2015-2016 academic year, visit the TOC page.