Billiards & Games Room

Employment Opportunities

The Billiards & Games Room employs 10-12 work-study students, 12 months a year. During the academic year, work-study is required; during the spring and summer, this rule is relaxed (but please do let us know if you have been awarded work-study).


We are currently accepting applications for the Spring/Summer!


  • Availability for May through the end of August. 
  • Shifts are generally 4 hours long.
  • You must be able to start training no later than May 1st.
  • If you like it and you do a good job, there is an opportunity to continue into the Fall if you have work-study!

Note for Fall:  the Billiards & Games Room is open on Football Saturdays.  If you express interest in working any of the Saturday daytime shifts, you must be prepared to miss games.  If you have football tickets, it is probably unwise to choose those shifts.

If you are available, we can schedule an interview very soon.  If not, your application will be kept on file for one year, and you will be notified if there is an opening.


When Should I Apply?

We interview in July and August for Fall employment. We only hire additional staff members in Winter if someone leaves or if we are not able to fill all shifts with existing staff members.

We interview in April and early May for Spring-Summer employment. In order to work during the warm months, you must be able to work all the way through from May 1 through roughly September 15.


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