Billiards & Games Room

Miscellaneous Requirements:

Students must bring their school ID or driver license or state-issued identification card to the tournament. All players' ID cards will be checked at registration. A photocopy machine will be readily available at the coaches' meeting on Friday; gather all players' IDs then and it will only take a few minutes to get this out of the way.

Coach / advisor required. Every school and team must be accompanied by a non-participating coach/advisor. Ideally, this will be someone who is a faculty, staff, or alumnus of the college or university or a parent of a participating student, but if this is not possible, it can be a trusted, responsible non-playing student. One advisor may serve in this capacity for more than one team from the school.

Dress Code

This is a premiere intercollegiate event; as such, a reasonable Dress Code will be enforced.

  • Players must wear polo shirts or t-shirts depicting their school. Preferably, these shirts will all match each other.
  • Clean, rip-free jeans are acceptable. Shorts, cargo pants, and Capri pants are not acceptable. Pants that drag on the floor are not acceptable.
  • Clean, laced tennis shoes are acceptable. Casual sandals and flip-flops are not acceptable. Dressier sandals may be approved on a cas-by-case basis.
  • Bare midriffs and excessive cleavage are not acceptable.
  • Hats are not acceptable.
  • This Dress Code applies to players, coaches, and advisors.
  • If a dress code violation is cited by the opposing team or the Tournament Director, the individual's match will be discontinued for up to 15 minutes for them to come into compliance. If they do not meet the dress code after 15 minutes, that match will be forfeited.

Conduct Code / Tournament Etiquette

Please read and familiarize all players and coaches of the ACUI Conduct Code on page two of this form: ACUI Dress & Conduct Code (ACUI website).

Participants are encouraged to consider these tenets when voting for the Sportsmanship Award.