Billiards & Games Room

Sunday, April 14, 2014 was the 7th Annual Campus Tournament of Champions at the University of Michigan Billiards Room.  Thirteen players, all of whom either won a qualifying series event or were extended a special invitation, vied for the TOC title.

  • Kevin Hsiao
  • Andrew Liu
  • Shan He
  • Chris Wang
  • Dennis Xue
  • Biruk Mammo
  • Cecilia Ngo
  • Mani Kashanianfard
  • Shenglin Zhang
  • Kevin Eckstein
  • Winstone Seow
  • Matt Johnson
  • Walter Teng

Also qualified but unable to attend today:

  • Kruvashen Govender
  • Jessica Cosentino
  • Michelle Sullivan
  • Tom Sargeantson

By winning multiple tournaments this season in the 8-series qualifying events, two players were seeded in the chart and also received a first-round bye:

  • Winstone Seow
  • Shan He

Final results:

  • 13th-16  Cecilia Ngo 
  • 9th-12th  Walter Teng, Chris Wang, Kevin Eckstein, Matt Johnson
  • 7th-8th  Andrew Liu, Dennis Xue
  • 5th-6th  Mani Kashanianfard, Shenglin Zhang
  • 4th  Biruk Mammo
  • 3rd  Kevin Hsiao
  • 2nd Shan He
  • Champion  Winstone Seow