Billiards & Games Room

General Rules for all events

If a game is played to completion and the result is recorded, and it is later discovered that a ruling would have changed the outcome, the score recorded on the sheet will stand. The game will not be replayed; it is your responsibility to know the rules, or ask for clarification before proceeding.

Example: player made the 8-ball on the break; both players tallied this as a win. Some time later (but while the schools' match was still in progress), they were informed that making the 8-ball on the break is not a win. The TD ruled that the win, as recorded on the sheet, would stand. 

Magic racks can be used if both parties agree. Once the decision is made, though, and the match has begun, the original agreement must be upheld. You can't for example, agree to use magic racks and then rescind that agreement halfway through the match.

The player calls his time out.  A coach or teammate may ask "Do you want a time out?" but the shooter may choose to refuse it.  The player may consult his partner, a coach, advisor, or a different member of the team (provided that players are not involved in their own matches), but may only consult one person per time-out.  In Scotch Doubles, both the partner and the chosen coach can discuss the shot with the player during the one-minute time-out.

It is acceptable for teammates to discuss the game in play while they are not shooting, but at a volume and in a manner that does not distract the opposing team.  Players must stop talking and cease all movement when the opposing team's shooter addresses the ball.

Members of A teams can coach members of B teams as long as he is not playing a match.