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Teams consist of four schoolmates, male or female. Each team may have a fifth player (alternate) on its roster. The alternate may be used for 8-ball and 9-ball competitions, but once a player is taken out, he/she cannot be put back in for the duration of that match. He/she may return for subsequent matches within the same event. A team may enter the competition with only three players, acknowledging that they are at a severe disadvantage in team events, and that they must pay the full entry cost for the team.

This tournament is limited to 16 teams. Preliminarily, each school is limited to just one team. If, as of one week before the tournament, there are spaces available, schools on the wait list will be chosen (by random draw) to send a second team. As the host, The University of Michigan "B" team will always hold the #1 spot on the Wait list.  If you have a second team, complete the online registration for that team and keep those players on hold for travel that weekend. The Tournament Director will contact the advisors of waitlisted teams immediately if they are to receive an invitation to the UMTPC.

Each team must select a team name. This can be simple and logical, such as Michigan Wolverines, or it can be fun, clever, and only slightly logical, such as Illinois Three Fortune Cookies & A Cracker or Virginia Tech Pink Fuzzy Bunnies.

Teams must designate a Team Captain, whose decisions will represent the wishes of the team. 

"Hybrid" teams are not allowed. This tournament is not intended to be an All-star competition. Individuals from schools may not team up with best players from other schools for the sake of forming the best team. If you really want to play in this tournament, take the steps to start a Billiards Club at your school to get a full team!