Billiards & Games Room

The Michigan Union Billiards & Games Room has many great clubs to participate in. For more details follow the links to the individual club's page. If you are interested in starting a recreation club, please contact us.

Billiards Club leaders share their knowledge

The Billiards Club partnered with the Center for Campus Involvement on March 27 to provide one-on-one instruction for interested students on the subject of billiards.  This was one of a series of "Savvy Workshops" offered by CCI throughout the year, ranging from bike repair to dessert design.  

Top players in the club volunteered their time to impart pool wisdom to beginners, some of whom opted to join the Billiards Club afterwards.

In this photo, Andrew talks with a class participant about proper bridge and stance.  

Scrabble Club

The Michigan Scrabble Club is open to all U of M students, staff, faculty, and alumni. The Club does not have weekly meetings from May through August, but members are always welcome to use Scrabble supplies from the Billiards Room, free of charge.

Foosball Club

M-Foosball Club promotes recreation through friendly and competitive practices and tournaments in Foosball (table soccer). The Foodball Club is currently disbanded.

Chess Club

To be added to the Chess Club e-mail list to receive meeting reminders and tournament announcements, contact Chiara.

Bridge Club

Bridge Club has been suspended due to scheduling conflicts, but players with Duplicate Bridge experience should contact for more information on local games.


Billiards Club

The University of Michigan Billiards Club is a sponsored student organization, open to all U of M students. You may join the club anytime between the mass meeting (early September) and the last meeting of the school year (late April), but membership discounts are only good from September through December (Fall) and January through April (Winter). 

Billiards club members