Billiards & Games Room

Billiards Club leaders share their knowledge

The Billiards Club partnered with the Center for Campus Involvement on March 27 to provide one-on-one instruction for interested students on the subject of billiards.  This was one of a series of "Savvy Workshops" offered by CCI throughout the year, ranging from bike repair to dessert design.  

Top players in the club volunteered their time to impart pool wisdom to beginners, some of whom opted to join the Billiards Club afterwards.

In this photo, Andrew talks with a class participant about proper bridge and stance.  

Group reservation request

We accept reservations for groups ranging from 10 people to 120.  Within 3 months of your event, simply fill out this form to give us a little more information about your group.  A Manager will respond to your request within 48 hours and work out an agreement with you.  This form doesn't lock you into anything; it just sets the wheels in motion.  

Group Reservation Request Form

Work at the Billiards Room

Employment Opportunities

The Billiards & Games Room employs 10-12 work-study students, 12 months a year. During the academic year, work-study is required; during the spring and summer, this rule is relaxed (but please do let us know if you have been awarded work-study).

Note for Fall:  the Billiards & Games Room is open on Football Saturdays.  If you express interest in working any of the Saturday daytime shifts, you must be prepared to miss games.  If you have football tickets, it is probably unwise to choose those shifts.

Pool Lessons

Several local semi-professional players are available for private, individual or group lessons at any level of play. Please contact individual instructor for hourly rates and terms. If you meet an instructor at the Michigan Union Billiards & Games Room, their table time is free. You pay only for your hourly rate (and other players, if group lessons).

Free Weekday Pool

University of Michigan students play for free on weekdays from 11AM/11:30AM-3PM!

Closeup of rack of billiard balls.



The Michigan Union will be undergoing rennovations and therefore the Billiard's room will be closing completely on April 16th, 2018. The last day the room will be open is April 15th.

The Billiard's room will be closed to the public this Monday (3/12) and Wednesday (3/14) from 1:00-4:30pm

Winter Hours of Operation:

Mondays to Thursdays:        11:00am-11:30pm
Fridays:                                 11:00am-1:30am
Saturdays:                            12:00pm-1:30am
Sundays:                              12:00pm-11:30pm
***Must have a Driver's license, State ID card, or passport to play***

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