Billiards & Games Room

Bridge Club

Bridge Club has been suspended due to scheduling conflicts, but players with Duplicate Bridge experience should contact for more information on local games.


Billiards Club

The University of Michigan Billiards Club is a sponsored student organization, open to all U of M students. You may join the club anytime between the mass meeting (early September) and the last meeting of the school year (late April), but membership discounts are only good from September through December (Fall) and January through April (Winter). 

Billiards club members

ACUI Intercollegiate Recreation

ACUI is the Association of College Unions International. It is a professional organization that provides services, programs, and activities for students enrolled at colleges and universities nationwide. The annual Recreation tournament is one of the many student programs sponsored by ACUI every year. Learn more about ACUI at

XBOX 360 and Wii Gaming Area

The Billiards and Games Room now offers a comfortable XBOX 360 and Wii Gaming Area with 6 XBOX 360 consoles and 2 Wii consoles, each equipped with an individual flat-screen monitor and a comfortable gaming chair. The XBOX 360 consoles, as well as those of the Wii, are connected through a network for multiplayer game play.

Fun Facts


Just like many other places on campus, the Billiards & Games Room is rich with history, having been a part of campus life since the early 1900's.



The Michigan Union will be undergoing rennovations and therefore the Billiard's room will be closing completely on April 16th, 2018. The last day the room will be open is April 15th.

The Billiard's room will be closed to the public this Monday (3/12) and Wednesday (3/14) from 1:00-4:30pm

Winter Hours of Operation:

Mondays to Thursdays:        11:00am-11:30pm
Fridays:                                 11:00am-1:30am
Saturdays:                            12:00pm-1:30am
Sundays:                              12:00pm-11:30pm
***Must have a Driver's license, State ID card, or passport to play***

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