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Campus Tournament of Champions

Each year in late March or early April, the Michigan Union Billiards Room hosts the University of Michigan Campus Tournament of Champions (TOC). University of Michigan students can qualify for the TOC through a series of regular tournaments throughout the school year. 

Cue Locker Rental

If you have a pool cue but don't want to carry it around campus with you, consider renting a cue locker at the Billiards & Games Room for pennies a day:

UMTPC Overview

One of only two like it in the country, the annual U-M Team Pool Championships Tournament is a 4-person team tournament that takes place in late Fall/early Winter at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. 

Learn more about the tournament, with details about team composition, registration, requirements and rules at our guide

pool tables


Please see below for the hourly rates (these rates do not apply to the Diamond professional tables):

                       Before 6pm                 After 6pm

1 Player           $3.00                           $4.00

2 Players         $4.50                           $6.00

3+ Players       $6.00                           $8.00

Billiards Club leaders share their knowledge

The Billiards Club partnered with the Center for Campus Involvement on March 27 to provide one-on-one instruction for interested students on the subject of billiards.  This was one of a series of "Savvy Workshops" offered by CCI throughout the year, ranging from bike repair to dessert design.  

Top players in the club volunteered their time to impart pool wisdom to beginners, some of whom opted to join the Billiards Club afterwards.

In this photo, Andrew talks with a class participant about proper bridge and stance.  

UMTPC Break Contest

The Break contest was discontinued in 2010.

If time permits, there will be a Break Contest strictly for fun. No bonus points or medals will be awarded - just bragging rights.

Employee of the Month: Alan !

The Billiards Room is proud to recognize Alan as our January 2015 Employee of the Month!  

Alan has consistently been one of the most reliable members of the Billiards and Games Room Staff this past semester.  He is always going the extra mile to make sure things are set in place for success.  We really appreciate the work Alan does every day!