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UMTPC Overview

One of only two like it in the country, the annual U-M Team Pool Championships Tournament is a 4-person team tournament that takes place in late Fall/early Winter at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. 

Learn more about the tournament, with details about team composition, registration, requirements and rules at our guide

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UMTPC General Rules

General Rules for all events

If a game is played to completion and the result is recorded, and it is later discovered that a ruling would have changed the outcome, the score recorded on the sheet will stand. The game will not be replayed; it is your responsibility to know the rules, or ask for clarification before proceeding.

UMTPC Team Composition

Teams consist of four schoolmates, male or female. Each team may have a fifth player (alternate) on its roster. The alternate may be used for 8-ball and 9-ball competitions, but once a player is taken out, he/she cannot be put back in for the duration of that match. He/she may return for subsequent matches within the same event. A team may enter the competition with only three players, acknowledging that they are at a severe disadvantage in team events, and that they must pay the full entry cost for the team.

9-Ball Rules/Format

Double elimination bracket, race to 5.  The finals will be a single race to 7.  Pairings will be randomly drawn into separate halves of the chart (hence, they will not face each other until at least a few rounds into the tournament).

Except where noted below, BCA 9-ball rules will be observed.



8 Ball Rules/Format


Double elimination bracket, using BCA league play format; random draw for which team plays which.

Except where noted below, BCA rules are observed.


Each match will consist of 1 game, score will be kept on a modified version of the BCA league format for 4X4 players.  Each player will play all four members of the opposing team one time during the course of a match, for a total of 16 games per match.  The team that wins more games is the winner of that match.  See below for tiebreaker provisions.

UMTPC Miscellaneous

Students must bring their school ID or driver license or state-issued identification card to the tournament. All players' ID cards will be checked at registration. A photocopy machine will be readily available at the coaches' meeting on Friday; gather all players' IDs then and it will only take a few minutes to get this out of the way.

Coach / advisor required for new schools. 

Dress Code

This is a premiere intercollegiate event; as such, a reasonable Dress Code will be enforced.