Billiards & Games Room

U-M Team Pool Championships

Miscellaneous Requirements:

Students must bring their school ID or driver license or state-issued identification card to the tournament. All players' ID cards will be checked at registration. A photocopy machine will be readily available at the coaches' meeting on Friday; gather all players' IDs then and it will only take a few minutes to get this out of the way.

UMTPC Registration

Team Registration:

All registration will be done online.  There is a link to registration below, but please read this page first.

UMTPC Prizes and Points

Prizes & Awards (total)

  • All-Events: Team trophy and 5 medals for overall leading team after all individual events; medals and trophy for 2nd place; team trophy for 3rd place. A matching event trophy remains at the Michigan Union Billiards & Games Room with each year's winning team listed.
  • Equal Offense Pool: 5 medals for Equal Offense Pool team champs; team trophy for Equal Offense Straight Pool champs. Medals and team trophy for 2nd place.

UMTPC Bonus Points


Individuals can earn bonus points toward final team standings in a number of ways, listed below. Point values are still pending discussion and may be adjusted by democratic vote in the Captains' Meeting on Friday night. If you have a suggestion for new Bonus Points opportunities, give them to your captain for discussion at the meeting or discuss them ahead of time on the Facebook group!

Note: bonus points count toward total team standings, not individual event standings.

UMTPC General Info

This intercollegiate 4-person team tournament is held at the University of Michigan in late Fall. The 2017 event is scheduled for November 10-12, 2017.

This is a 2-day event, with two team events:

  • Team 8-ball (BCA 4-person format)
  • Scotch Doubles 9-ball (2 pairs per school)