Michigan Union Board of Representatives

Our Charter

The Michigan Union shall be a University center for the primary purpose of enhancing the quality of campus life and favorably affecting the complete educational experience at the University of Michigan. The Michigan Union shall serve as a unifying force in the lives of students, faculty, staff, and alumni by providing opportunities for interaction and for the cultivation of loyalty to the University of Michigan.

Union History

The Michigan Union was formed in 1904 as an "all inclusive organization" focused on providing feelings of unity for men on campus. The first meeting was held in Waterman Gymnasium and was attended by over 1100 students. The building has witnessed many changes over the years, including the closing of the swimming pool, the creation of more vendor space and student offices, and the addition of the International Student Center. Today the Michigan Union hosts a broad array of services, programs, and facilities focused on serving the students and other members of the University and community.

Michigan Union in 1917

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