University Unions Marketing Advisory Committee

University Unions Marketing Advisory Committee consists of a small group of students who meet with University Unions marketing professionals on a regular basis to discuss ways to improve student communications, assist with marketing projects, brainstorm new marketing strategies, and offer suggestions, feedback and ideas.

Mission Statement

The University Unions Marketing Advisory Committee facilitates the creation of effective marketing materials to promote University Unions’ brand, services, facilities and programs by ensuring that the communications are:

  • Reaching the entire student body
  • Including messages relevant to students
  • Increasing awareness of University Unions
  • Providing reasons to visit University Unions and utilize all the resources
  • Building a positive image of University Unions

Key Projects

  • Research effective marketing campaigns to share with marketing professionals.
  • Provided concepts, suggestions and feedback on UUnions marketing campaign developed in 2019
  • Created a marketing campaign in 2016, 2014.
  • Assisted in creation of marketing plans.

To Apply

Interested in getting hands-on marketing experience or just love the Unions? Join the University Unions Marketing Advisory Committee! Questions? Please fill out the contact form.