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The Buildings of University Unions

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Computer Access

There are several ways you can get "connected" at the Michigan League if you have a UM "unique name".

  • Wireless - There is  wireless connectivity throughout the Michigan League
  • Main Floor - Several computer stations are located on the main hallway of the League, near U-go's.
  • Beanster's - There are several computer stations available within the cafe
  • Cyber Lounge - The Cyber Lounge is a convenient place to connect. It has six e-mail stations and eighteen computer stations for Internet access with comfortable chairs and a cozy atmosphere. New! The computers have been loaded with academic software and printers have been added so you can do some homework between classes.

    Please note that the Cyber Lounge is an unstaffed site. If the site is in need of maintenance, call 734-764-HELP (734-764-4357) to report the problem, and a staff member of the Sites Environment Support Team will be sent to troubleshoot the problem.
  • Printers - There are several printers available at the League. Be sure to visit if you would like to arrange to have something printed at one of the League printers from your laptop. The printers are located in Beanster's and the Cyber Lounge.