Give & Help the Unions Thrive

The University Unions, through their programs, services and spaces, is a catalyst for connection and learning that cultivates community and belonging at the University of Michigan and beyond. They do this by:

  • Providing opportunities for students to participate in leadership training, community building, wellness initiatives and other programs.
  • Keeping the buildings’ vital, state-of-the art centers for student involvement.
  • Providing warm and inviting spaces that welcome every individual to connect with and become part of the U-M community.

Would you like to support these initiatives and help make a difference in a student’s life? For information about giving opportunities, contact a Student Life Giving professional.

The Michigan League

The women of the University of Michigan set their hearts and minds to building a union of their own. In 1929, the Michigan League opened its doors, providing a place for connection, growth and learning. If anything, the traditions that led to the creation of the League have become stronger through decades of hard work by students, alumni, Friends of the League, and the community. Your support for the League will go toward preserving the building and programs that have become a vital part of the university culture.

The Michigan Union

For many, the Michigan Union is the first building they visit when they arrive to campus and the last building they see as they take their learning out into the world. A building rich in history and stories, the Michigan Union serves as a symbol for the university and, more importantly, the rich and diverse community of thinkers, innovators and world-changers. The needs of the Michigan Union are ever-present—and opportunities to support the programs, services and spaces of the Michigan Union are plenty.

Pierpont Commons

As University Unions’ North Campus student union, Pierpont Commons serves a vital role in serving the needs of this campus area. With the support of alumni, students and the community, Pierpont Commons has developed into a facility designed to provide necessary resources for over 12,000 students, faculty and staff. The needs of North Campus continue to grow as the area continues to evolve, and Pierpont will be at the forefront providing spaces, programs and opportunities that change people’s lives.