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The Michigan League Board of Governors

The Michigan League Board of Governors serves as an advisor to the league director in matters of policy and practice. The Board also serves as an advocate for the Michigan League by promoting the heritage of the iconic, historic building. The Board oversees the operations of the Friends of the Michigan League and provides insight and student input on Michigan League projects.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Michigan League is to create a gracious and welcoming environment to support the educational, professional, cultural, service and social needs of the university community with a renewed focus on students.

Key Projects

  • Renovation of food retail
  • Maizie’s Kitchen and Market
  • Hotel guest room renovation
  • Blagdon room history display

Current Members

  • Balbach, Barbara
  • Coleman, Emily*
  • Dorchak, Will
  • Elliker, Susan
  • Gomez, Barb
  • Griswold, Kathy
  • Ochieng, Ivy*
  • Pile, Susan
  • Proegler, Matthew* (Chair)
  • Rami, Amani*
  • Stenger, Lois
  • Szady, Sheryl
  • Wilson, Xavier (Director)

To Apply

Apply to the Michigan League Board of Governors

Members of the Michigan League Board of Governors are afforded these opportunities:

  • Gain valuable leadership experience
  • Work with students faculty, staff, alumni and friends who have a shared interest in the League
  • Gain experience in the areas of board development, policy setting, strategic thinking and public relations

Terms are for one year. Current undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. To fulfill the mission of the Michigan League Board of Governors, members shall:

  • Attend Board meetings
  • Participate in the Board orientation during the initial term on the Board
  • Serve on at least one committee
  • Participate in as many of the activities of the Board and the Friends as possible

Interested in applying?

Apply to the Michigan League Board of Governors

I felt like I was needed, and my experiences as a student and student employee were seriously considered in the decision-making processes.