Discover a World of Flavor Without Leaving Campus

Most weekdays, Maizie’s at the Michigan League and Fireside at Pierpont Commons feature signature dishes from different Ann Arbor restaurants. It’s an opportunity for the campus community to savor something new. So if you’re craving Mediterranean on Tuesday and authentic Mexican cuisine on Friday, we’ve got you covered! Discovering new tastes and great flavor on campus has never been easier.

Try out these Ann Arbor favorites from 11am to 2pm!

Michigan League, Maizie’s (at the Local Plate counter)

  • Monday: Sushi Boss (fresh custom sushi)
  • Tuesday: Palm Palace (Mediterranean cuisine)
  • Wednesday: El Harissa (North African & Mediterranean)
  • Thursday: Cuppy’s Best Soulful Cafe (soul food)
  • Friday: Chela’s (authentic Mexican cuisine)

Pierpont Commons, Flare

  • Monday: Chela’s (authentic Mexican cuisine)
  • Tuesday: Jamaican Jerk Pit (Caribbean dishes)
  • Wednesday: Palm Palace (Mediterranean cuisine)
  • Thursday: Satchel’s (smoked meats & southern-style sides)
  • Friday: Taste of India (Indian & Indo-Chinese fare)

Pierpont Commons, Maize Blaze

  • Monday: Casablanca (Moroccan & Middle Eastern recipes)
  • Wednesday: Bopjib (Korean food)
  • Friday: Cuppy’s Best Soulful Cafe (soul food)