On Campus Spaces for Prayer and Reflection

For many, prayer and meditation are a part of everyday life. U-M community members can carry out these practices using reflection rooms located across campus. At University Unions, they’re offered at all three buildings: The Michigan Union, Michigan League and Pierpont Commons. 

What is a reflection room? 

Reflection rooms provide a quiet, private space for U-M community members to pray, meditate or sit in silent reflection.

U-M reflection rooms are available to all students, faculty and staff. Reflection rooms located in the Unions can be accessed using your MCard during building hours. While each room is designed to accommodate a diverse range of religious, spiritual and meditative practices, please know they are first come first serve. If you need privacy, space dividers are available at the Michigan Union and Pierpont Commons. 

Why are they beneficial? 

Reflection rooms recognize and accommodate the diverse needs of the university community. For those who have daily prayer commitments, these rooms make it more convenient to pray on campus. They also allow community members who practice meditation, or who are interested in meditation, to find quiet spaces on campus. The rooms can also serve as a peaceful place to gather one’s thoughts or relax.  

Where are they located? 

There are a variety of reflection rooms on campus (see the complete list). There are three within University Unions. 

Michigan Union, 4th Floor, Room 4302

Equipped with electrical outlets, carpeted floors, prayer rugs, a wooden table and many chairs. Gendered foot washing stations are also available just adjacent to the room (a request made by students during the Union renovation completed in 2020). 

Michigan League, 3rd Floor, Room 347

Includes a prayer rug, wooden table, bench and one chair.

Pierpont Commons, North Lower Level, Room B460Includes carpeted floors, prayer rugs, and a lounge area outside of the room.