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The Pierpont Commons

New Food Options at Pierpont!

There are several new and expanded food options at Pierpont Commons being offered while the new cafe is under construction. 

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Pierpont Commons

Pierpont Commons is the University of Michigan's student union on North Campus. Pierpont hosts a wide range of student services nestled between inviting lounges to relax and entertain. Pierpont is home to various vendors and retail operations, including a U-M Credit Union, ATMs, a bookstore, a convenience store, and a variety of food choices. With its unique location, Pierpont  is a great way to escape the bustle of Central Campus and downtown Ann Arbor. It is not uncommon to spot wildlife among the North Campus neighborhood! Through its staff, events, various committees and partnerships, Pierpont Commons creates an environment where students can learn and unwind in an area far from home. More info on North Campus.

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